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Welcome Pack and Terms and Conditions





We’re delighted that you are considering staying with us!  For your maximum enjoyment and that of other guests it is a requirement of your staying with us, that you, and all of your group read - and agree with - all of the terms below, we reckon you’ll agree that they’re all totally reasonable :)  


There are not many deal-breakers that would result in you being asked to leave but there are some so please, as mentioned, ensure that everyone in your group reads and agrees with the information contained before arriving.


At The Soul Camp we aim to make your stay as relaxed as possible, we’re chilled out and respectful people and we’re passionate about what we do. We operate on the basis of respect... Respect for the land, the wildlife that inhabits it, and our fellow guests. We consider that anyone staying has been invited, and is truly considered a guest.


We welcome all like-minded people who show respect for The Soul Camp. In plain speak; with no disrespect intended, we’re not the place for drunken shouting weekends of mayhem, or for rowdy un-chaperoned kids. On the other hand, if you’re looking for somewhere lovely to enjoy the great outdoors, a barbeque, a nice bottle of wine and chill-out out at night and maybe make some new friends around the Fire Pit while the sun rises, then yeah, The Soul Camp is the right place!


We’re genuinely very up for feedback and constructive criticism so please let us know if you have suggestions… :)


Big Love, Pete and The Soul Camp Team :)

Terms and Conditions

Damage Waiver: We may ask for a Damage Waiver according to the size of your group and length of stay, full details of what invokes the Damage Waiver are available on request and include things like leaving rubbish, damaging property, antisocial/drunken/shouting behaviour and trespassing.


Advance Booking Only: We only ever accept guests who have pre-booked. We understand the fickle nature of friends and are happy to accommodate extra guests to your group and changes to your booking as late as the day you arrive so please feel free to invite more of your friends... However, we will not accept any extra guests that have not been agreed with us beforehand. If guests arrive without permission we reserve the right to require you and your entire group to leave.


Making a noise: We operate on a respect basis, you’re free to stay up and enjoy yourself; after all, we left school a long time ago right!  We have no ‘evening curfew’, you and your group can sit up all night and ponder the wonders of this amazing world, and watch the gorgeous dawn – but... We expect all guests to respect other guests. If you wish to stay up late and chat, please do so around the communal Fire Pit and not in the campsite, and as mentioned, drunken screaming and shouting is a deal breaker and your entire group will be asked to leave immediately.  Sound travels far at night so please ensure your group are not being too loud.


Rubbish and recycling:  We have basic rubbish facilities and are prepared to take some for processing but if you create excessive waste, we may ask you to take it back with you so.  We provide a number of black bin/recycling bags at the washing-up point; please feel free to use them. And there are rubbish and recycling bins around the site.


We are happy to arrange recycling and rubbish clearance for large group bookings by prior agreement and for a fee.


** One thing about cigarette butts… They are a real pain to pick up and they do not biodegrade for many years and look horrible. Cigarette butts littering any of the campsites or other areas may invoke the Damage Waiver so please dispose of them properly.


Age limit & Children: We hope you understand that for the comfort of all guests, we welcome

chilled-out guests and groups of all ages above 25. We are not best suited to large groups of children unless it’s for a special purpose or The Soul Camp has been hired exclusively. With the greatest respect, we suggest people with large numbers of children or teenagers look for a site better suited to their needs and with less potential hazards like the Fire Pit, communal barbeques and Yew trees. We are happy to accept family bookings on the basis that at all times younger people are accompanied by responsible chaperones over the age of 25.


The Weather! OK, this is England and we all know what that can mean! Please bear in mind that in bad weather, access to some sites is only possible via foot (using wellies!) and if it’s very bad, we reserve the right to close the car park which means you may have to park elsewhere and walk to The Soul Camp.


Site Access: With due respect to our neighbours, access to and from the campsites is restricted from 10:00pm until 8am and we lock the gates accordingly so please allow plenty of time  including allowance for bad traffic, getting lost, stopping for wee breaks etc when planning your arrival time or you may miss our opening times!  We are happy to make special arrangements by prior agreement and where we are sure that quiet access can be achieved. This is especially important if you are having a large group gathering where some of your guests are staying in Bed & Breakfast or Hotel accommodation nearby.


Toilets: We operate environmentally sound compost loos where possible. They are equipped with night time lighting, loo rolls, mirrors and hand sanitizer gel. We’re proud of our loos so if you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know!  There is also a Men’s urinal (a bale of hay!).


The Fire Pit: Our communal Fire Pit is a great place to chillout at night. We sometimes start the Fire Pit off at sundown for free, from then on, we can provide firewood for those wishing to stay up to watch the sun rise.


Locally sourced, sustainable wood is sometimes available for £7 per sack but its best to check or bring your own.  For larger groups we’re happy to arrange a pile of firewood ready for when you arrive. Please note: Under no circumstances is wood to be taken from the surrounding woodland for use on any fire or barbeque, that is a deal-breaker.


Camp Fires: To protect the land, we don’t allow fires on the ground anywhere except the communal Fire Pit. You’re welcome to bring your own fire basket and have a fire at your camp (as long as it has an ash tray and does not burn the grass or scorch the soil), we have a couple of braziers available sometimes.  Naturally, we expect you’ll be safe and not let any fires or barbeques burn unattended at any time.


Barbeques: At some sites, we provide a couple of communal barbeques free of charge to all guests; they are

located around the Fire Pit. We only ask that you leave everything clean and tidy and in the same location as you found them, one of them is gas, which is not provided, feel free to pick up a small bottle of red gas.  You are of course free to bring your own cooking equipment to use on the communal barbeques. Please note: Under no circumstances is wood to be taken from the surrounding woodland for use on any fire or barbecue.


Disposable barbeques: To protect the land, we don’t allow the type of disposable barbeques that are placed on the ground, if it has legs and will not scorch the grass then no problem!


Water: Free drinking quality water is provided via a tap in the campsite.


Showers:  At some sites, we currently have two outdoor ‘eco showers’ that provide warm water and are gas powered, they provide ample warm water but are not like your power shower at home!


Wash up point: We’re low-impact as much as we can be so our washing point is a reclaimed

wooden table near the tap. We provide washing up liquid that will not harm the environment free

of charge, it’s really important to us that you use this and don’t use harmful commercial products... Please don’t bring fairy liquid!


Car Parking: We have free car parking but it is limited and for environmental reasons we ask all

guest to car pool where possible. Cars are not permitted into the campsites other than for disabled access by prior agreement. Campervans are permitted by prior agreement.


Respect to our neighbours: Guests are expected to respect the boundaries which are clearly

marked on the site map. A big deal breaker is crossing the boundaries onto land owned by our lovely neighbours, you will be asked to leave immediately if you or any of your group (including children) crosses the boundaries. Please make sure everyone, especially children are aware of this.


Wardens: We have radio-equipped on-site Wardens who help ensure everyone’s happy and we’re also available 24/7 on the phone number provided on site: please call if anything or anyone whatsoever makes you feel uncomfortable.


Dogs & Pets: Due to surrounding livestock, we are not able to accept dogs or other pets


Chinese Lanterns & Fireworks: Both cause stress to surrounding wildlife and in the case of Chinese lanterns, serious injuries and even fatal injuries to livestock have been reported by our neighbours. For these reasons we do not allow them; we’re sure you understand.


Glass: The Soul Camp is mostly occupied by lovely animals and glass in the soil is bad for their feet/ hooves as you might expect. For those reasons, we don’t allow glass on site so please decant your favourite bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape into something non-glass before you arrive!


Mobile phone coverage: is not brilliant so, please don't rely on being able to speak to your friends to guide them in – just in case!  Please make sure all of your friends have all of the details they need to arrive separately, including your booking reference and directions, and The Soul Camp number in case they get lost.


Phew! Quite a lot absorb but we’re sure you understand that if all guests are respectful of the

above, we’ll all have great time!


We look forward to welcoming you!

Big Love, Pete and The Soul Camp team :) X

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