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Get ready for Summer! Free stay for group organisers!

We’ve welcomed some wonderful groups this season, festival weddings, Hen, Stag (and Hag!) and huge corporate glamping events. If you’re planning an outdoors gathering for your company or your friends, now is the perfect time to organise it.

Not only might it take your mind off the impending very cold winter (as forecast by our superb weather service waaay back in spring!), there's also much more chance of getting your date if you book early.

We’re offering a free weekend stay for organiser of groups of over 20 who book before february so load up your diary up and get in touch!

Like Clubbing? Super friendly Planet Angel are having a big 16th birthday Party on Friday 11th december - and you’re invited! With a great DJ lineup and lots of fun things to do like lego and painting, it's an awesome night out and we’ve got a limited number of free tickets to give to people on the mailing list... just join up here!

Big LOve from all at The Soul Camp :) x

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