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A Conference To Be Remembered!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

The Soul Camp are not your average conference venues, because we do it outside!

A conference to be remembered!
Your average conference coffee break :)

Think, “conference meets cool company festival” - with all the trimmings. Exciting marquees with full A/V kit for the presentation, exciting breakout spaces, lush glamping accommodation to whatever level you desire, luxury, pristine shower and toilet units and other fab facilities.

Add to that, exciting and healthy street-food, a bar, a big fire pit with flags and streamers for that invigorating festival vibe. That. Is a conference to remember!

"Thank you for being on-hand throughout and for going above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable... We’re sure the team will be talking about this event for years to come!" Jon and Ed | Mudano

You’ll also want your conference to connect your work colleagues, so over a decade, we’ve honed our own unique CSR-boosting eco, and well-being team building activities.

We work with our clients to provide spectacular events that meet the Required Outcomes as well as the budget. Our activities can be tailored to help people connect and work together to problem solve, they can be used to spot leadership talent. Or to give employees more confidence. Or they can be just really good fun because you had a great year!

We have a holistic approach to the conferences and away days, we make sure every aspect is in harmony with the Required Outcomes, the venue, the facilities and that critical element; the social aspect, where colleagues go back to the office with smiles on their faces and stories abound of a fantastic conference.

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