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Plot Hari Dibukota (Aditya) is an owner of a test center, which is a personal computer repair shop where he deals with the test of computers. His coworker is Anak Anak Tebu (Yahya). During the story, Hari and his father (Tek Rantika) live together with his mother (Firza Firdaus). After many years of hard work, Hari won one of the business to repair computers in Indonesia. Hari is so determined to get more business so he demands from his father a cheap car. After being beaten by his father, Hari buys it with his own money. Meanwhile, Hari has a big case for him, a woman called Siti (Prayaga). Siti is the wife of Hari's best friend in the center. Their friendship is strong and is based on trust. While her husband is with Siti at home, she often meets Hari at his work. After that, Hari moves from Jakarta to Semarang in order to increase his business. At first, he hired some people to work for him, but they were not satisfied with his condition. Hari then meets with Sahar, a lawyer. He says that the person responsible for his success is his father. He tells him that he wants to pay his father for his loyalty and try to get back to him. Hari then gets Sahar to investigate his father. He also wants Hari to become a manager for his computer repair shop. Hari finds the reason to visit his father in prison. He tells his father that he needs money to improve his business. However, his father tells him that he no longer owes him anything, so he will not give him any money. To get his business back, Hari becomes a lawyer. Meanwhile, Hari has had Siti's husband, and because of her misunderstanding she went with him, Hari's father has accepted him as his son. After that, Hari visits Siti and tells her that her husband has already married. Siti is shocked, but she does not want to separate from him, so she gave her husband a second chance. After that, the relationship between her husband and her becomes bad. After some time, he forced her to be with him. Siti then goes with her husband to his own home to stop the beatings. After Hari hears that Siti is leaving, he goes to her




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Download Film Test Pack You Are My Baby olivend

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