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We’re delighted you're considering booking with us 


We’re an ethical bunch at The Soul Camp and we have a few house rules. None of them are heavy and we are the total opposite of ‘the fun police’, but hey, we’ve got some rules that are in line with our ethical ethos.


If you agree with them, please book!  If you don’t, please do not book.

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Group Bookings T&Cs

Leave No Trace - The Soul Camp operates all of our campsites ethically. We require a returnable ‘damage, waste or disturbance’ (please see ‘Music’ section) deposit of £300.  But to be honest, if you’re the kind of group that leaves rubbish around and don't respect the beauty of Nature, please don't book with us.


Music - Yep, that old chestnut!  The Soul Camp was set up by Pete who is founder of the legendary club night Planet Angel and also has a very deep musical background, so music is part of our vibe. But... our campsites are in the country and it's not fair to piss off the neighbours, that's against our ethical ethos. It can also threaten our licence and we’re not up for that unsurprisingly.


So yep bring your bluetooth speaker, but not some mega thing, you can't have a rave, but you can chill around the fire pit enjoying those “oh man i love this tune” vibes..  


[Deal Breaker Alert!] However, if our Warden says it's too loud. It's too loud.  No ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’. Just to be crystal clear on this, if your group doesn't do as requested by our Warden, your entire group will have to leave immediately, whatever the hour.


Payment - Full payment in advance is required and we do not offer refunds as we won't get a last minute replacement booking.


Glamping - Please speak with us directly about your Glamping requirements.  We can provide Glamping for very large groups if required.


Group Size - You don’t have to have 30 Guests, but the minimum fee of £120 per Guest based on 30 Guests (i.e £3,600) still applies.  You can add Guests, even very close to the event and with prior agreement, we can also accept very large groups.


[Deal Breaker Alert!] It is absolutely forbidden to invite guests on the day without permission, and they will have to pay the same fee as everyone else regardless of if they only come for one day.  Your entire group will have to leave immediately if this condition is not respected.


Location - We have several campsites across the UK but for this offer, we are focusing on our Strawberry Fields Campsite which is an hour and 20 minutes south of London with good road and rail access. We only give the actual location to groups that have booked.


However, this Corporate Client video shows how stunning the campsite is.  It may be that we can accommodate you at one of our other lovely campsites if Strawberry Fields is booked on the date you’d like. A point to consider as well is, now, thanks to the climate emergency, the season is still 'campable' even in October.


Arrival and Departure - We’re happy for you to arrive anytime after 3pm on Friday and depart by 8pm on Sunday.  We’re happy to discuss other times as well, but only by agreement.  To avoid disruption for our neighbours, we also ask that no Guests arrive or depart the campsite after 11pm on any day of your stay.

Acceptance of T&Cs - By booking with us, you are agreeing to these T&Cs, and you undertake to share these T&Cs with your entire group


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