Since 2006 we’ve been specialising in ethical group glamping and camping, with corporate glamping events being our prime focus.  But we love groups so we also host a few festival weddings and quite a few group events like big birthdays or groups wanting their own mini festival.


Here on our blog, we’re breaking down the various aspects of our organisation and why we are unique in our experience and approach.  We explain how we consider that each aspect of the event is of critical importance, as is our own ideology. We have a holistic approach to events, we know the venue is important for sure, and all our campsites are lovely, but that's not it all.  We work with our clients to create the entire event.   


We know PAs, EAs and CEOs are stacked already, so we offer to do ‘everything’ or just the areas our clients want.  Catering, accommodation, planning, presentation and breakout spaces, A/V kit, entertainment, decor, we can arrange it all - at any of our lovely campsites.  We also know how important activities are and we have a range of very cool, ethical wellbeing activities that benefit Nature as well as the guests, and boost our client’s CSR.  


So, enjoy!  We hope you find the information here really helpful and if you’d like some specific advice just get in touch, we’d be happy to help.


BiG LOve as we say, 

Pete and The Soul Camp Team :)

07831 516151 anytime,

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