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Your Company Festival in 2023 and beyond!

Updated: Jan 8

Way before the pandemic, we conceived a new outdoor event - 'Hybrid Festivals'. We were super happy because, not only was it a damn good idea, it meant we could offer our unique experience and services to more companies - including those who are not convinced about an outdoor company event!


“Big thanks to you and your team for going the extra mile. Glamping was a new thing for us and there were a lot of nerves around it – but you proved us all wrong so thank you.” EA to the MD of a multinational drinks brand: 2021


Then boom... the pandemic. Which delayed things a bit!

But now, our ‘Hybrid Festivals’ are incredibly relevant, possibly even the new go-to event for a lot of companies...

Benefiting from over a decade of specialist experience, deep-rooted connections, and exemplary reputation; we're now able to deliver our new Hybrid Festival corporate event... an event with all the advantages of outdoor gatherings: the fresh air, connection with Nature, huge corporate social responsibility (CSR) benefits, (and of course, the sheer absolute fun of them!) -combined with the niceties of indoor events including hotel facilities and bedrooms for overnight non-glampers.

Ta Dah!

There you have it, your own exclusive, super-cool, super-exciting mini Glastonbury corporate festival - with the facilities of a hotel on tap.

We’ve partnered with very carefully selected leading hotels across the country. Each one is vetted for wonderful facilities and rooms, and excellent service (of course!). But way more than that; we have personally checked out their gorgeous surrounding land, to ensure we can provide you with The Soul Camp’s unique outdoor event experience for your corporate festival, conference or away day.

To be clear, pretty much anything that can be done indoors, we can do outdoors including full A/V set up, conference facilities, breakout spaces, luxury loos and showers; dot dot dot. But the benefits of an outdoor event mean you can have funky festival style decor, big fire pits, flags and streamers to invoke a tribal feel, (and here are Nine really good reasons why outdoor corporate events rock!) We can help you plan wellbeing workshops, exciting bushcraft or archery activities, quirky team building activities as well as places to chill and connect and spaces to dance and drink... the list goes on and on!


“The feedback has been exceptional, and [The Chill Bar] became such a talking point, a true hub for people to re-connect and chill – which is exactly how you positioned it." EA to the MD of a multinational sports brand: 2021


But of course, now, with all that’s happened, the sheer wellbeing and CSR benefits of being outside with Nature are finally recognised as incredibly important. And of course, the physical conditions, with oodles of space and fresh country air, creates a safe environment to get lots of people together.

Recently, quite a few clients are explaining that given the length of time of restrictions, some newer colleagues have not even physically met yet. For this reason a lot of teams have been unable to get together in person to share experience and ideas, connect, and generally rock and roll! So we’re creating hugely fun and social gatherings for them in 2022 and beyond, whether for a glamping stay-over, a super cool away day or a wonderful blend of our exclusive hotels, stunning outdoor space and glamping...we always create a wonderful opportunity for inclusivity and social connection for everyone!

If this floats your corporate boat, give us a bell anytime!

BiG LOve Pete and The Soul Camp Team xx

07831 516151

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