Why Outdoor Conferences Are The Future...

Updated: May 29, 2020

Things have changed forever, and we suspect that at least for the next few years, new company structures will be heavily focused on remote working.

We believe this will make conferences and corporate awaydays much more important as they offer staff an opportunity to meet face to face; a natural human need. It seems that many people have connected with Nature during the lockdown, which is exceptionally good news for everyone, and everything. This change will accentuate the importance of the social and wellbeing aspects of corporate events. And that's where The Soul Camp excels; exceptional professional, yet social, outdoor corporate events with the option of our unique ‘Wellbeing In Nature’ activities.

The advantages of an outdoor corporate glamping event, or just a one-day awayday, are many, we've highlighted 9 of the major ones below. And that's apart from Yvonne Doyle's comments (medical director of Public Health England) in The Guardian where she says "There is already evidence that people are less likely to get infected out of doors".

We know how tough it is for Corporate Event Organisers so we’ve launched our revised booking terms even offering a rollover of your event to next year if needs be. And also, to help take some of the stress away, we’re offering a free last-minute booking service so you can be ready when you get that call from the CEO saying; “hey how about we squeeze in an outdoor conference this summer after restrictions are eased?” Yep, no problem, you can do that between coffees eh ;) We’re there for you.

BiG LOve as we like to say :) xx

9 Reasons Outdoor Conferences Are The Future... (call for more!)

  • People connect and listen much more. Social cohesion at outdoor corporate events is remarkably more pronounced than indoor based events. Many of our clients have shared how it has helped bring the company together to great effect, even back in the working environment. And the corporate message really comes across.

  • Outdoors is best. Unsurprisingly, it is emerging that outdoor activities are considered less likely to spread the virus than events indoors. All of our campsites are located in the lovely fresh air with easy reach of the major cities.

  • We have oodles of space! If social distancing is still in place, no problem, we can still easily accommodate many hundreds of guests at our campsites. We don't have just one campsite, we have many, so you can book with us and never go back to the same site.

  • Any size meeting space. Even with 2-meter distancing (if social distancing is still in place at your event), we can provide marquees that still seat 100 guests theatre style for a presentation. We can provide as many of these marquees as required for your number of guests.

  • We have the tech ;) Social distancing means more screens locally positioned so that everyone can see the presentation, and hear it. No problem.

  • Safe accommodation! Our typical Bell Tent corporate glamping accommodation (normally accommodating up to 5 guests) can accommodate 2, possibly three guests in each (we’re working on different layout ideas) with the safe 2-meter distancing.

  • Still enjoy the Firepit at night :o We’ve worked out a way to accommodate guests around several firepits in a unique array that still generates that extremely beneficial festi vibe and invaluable social interaction, but one that also observes the distancing guidelines if applicable.

  • Unique ‘Wellbeing In Nature’ activities! Yep, we’re totally proud of these, your guest can really get to grips with the Great Outdoors in so many ways, all of them tailored to be of real benefit to Nature, and your guests. We are absolutely sure that being in contact with Nature will become recognised by corporates as essential for people’s wellbeing.

  • Not least! It’s sooooooooo much fun! Yeah! Delivering your corporate message, creating the integration of the various teams is so much more effective in a fun, professional but totally cool way. Your own corporate festival surely sounds more exciting than ‘the annual conference’ ?

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