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We’re not even going to talk about...

We’re open! Our wonderful campsites are being lovingly prepared for you right now. As epidemiologist Prof Mark Woolhouse says, 'the risk of outdoor transmission of Covid 19 is very low', and corporate outdoor events are what we do. They’re the only thing we do. And we think we do it very well.

"a huge thank you for working with us at last min on a v short deadline but totally making our time magical and enjoyable – can’t thank you enough..."

Ros | Twelve

If you’re a corporate wanting to get your team to re-glue together in a safe ‘real life zoom’, in a beautiful country setting with a professional team who have over a decade of corporate glamping conferences and events experience, read on! We have something very special for you!

And if you're a bunch of mates desperate to gasp some fresh country air and chill around a fire pit till dawn, pop over here, we’ve got something very special for you as well!

We have several stunning, exclusive campsites for your conference, or celebration of getting work colleagues together to reconnect and re-bond. All of them managed by our professional, experienced yet chilled-out team, and our trademark festival vibe.

This summer will herald probably the biggest surge in our corporate glamping staycations - our prime focus for over decade.

We have developed special team building and bonding activities that are unique to The Soul Camp and are based on Nature and helping Wildlife recover from the damage we have caused...

Our Wellbeing In Nature activities include things like building insect hotels, planting native trees and much more. This way, your company offers its employees wonderful, healthy-for-mind-and-body, outdoor activities, where guests bond and also help Nature. We can't think of anything that’s better for the wellbeing of Staff, and Corporate Social Responsibility!

"Thank you for teaching us this in bushcraft and being part of making our away day incredibly valuable to the team. I would absolutely recommend your services and skills to a company looking to achieve similar outcomes"

Kitty | Mudano

Get in touch and we’ll make your offsite awesome!

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