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The Soul Camp was conceived a couple of decades ago by Pete who has been working in the ethical, not for profit events arena for 20+ years including founding an award winning festival and ethical clubbing organisation Planet Angel.  


The idea was for an ethical, festival edged, group-focussed campsite where people could truly connect and enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere.  Guests would be free of many of the boundaries of modern life... and definitely free from being told they can’t sit around a campfire with a glass of wine discussing life until the sun rises!


The Soul Camp would be a campsite where respect for Nature was paramount, along with respect for the other guests staying.  It would be somewhere safe, respectful, positive, enlightening and fun.


It went well!  


Guests enjoyed our respectful, ethical ethos, one that allowed them to be themselves and connect.  Before long, companies started to enquire about something called an offsite...  And boom!


We realised we could spread BiG LOve to corporations as well as groups looking to just chill out around a campfire, and the odd festival wedding. How cool we thought.


Some... oooooo... twenty years later, with hard earned experience of offsites... near disasters, sublime moments, epic fails, times when the hairs stood upright on our arms, events where we were challenged to the max...and times where it was just so peaceful. We received amazingly positive feedback and companies told us of the hugely positive effect on their guests.


Now we have expanded to offer a collection of wonderful campsites, each with their own unique benefits. You can see some of them on the corporate page.


And that is how The Soul Camp happened and why we consider that you are best trusted to work with us for your awesome outdoor event, away day or Corporate Festival!


BiG LOve as we say :) xxx The Soul Camp Team.


(see you at the firepit ;)


Call anytime on 07831 516151 or make an enquiry.

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Lovely private campsites for company glamping, festival weddings and group glamping

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