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glamping for groups

*Covid 19 Update*


Well, we’re back!  Phew...


Ok so given the new situation we’re switching to a new offer for groups because we are being inundated with group enquiries, and we want to make it really simple for you (and us!) to get bookings confirmed asap.  For that reason we are offering a special package deal for groups based on a simple fee for the weekend, for each guest. This is for full exclusive hire just for your group.  Glamping is an optional addition if you’d like it.


The good news is we’re opening two additional private camps at our Strawberry Fields Campsite: the ‘Forever’ camp and the ‘Forever and Forever’ camp.  For full specifications and what to expect at these lovely camps, please see this blog post.


Thank you for thinking of The Soul Camp. You can book here.


BiG LOve Pete and The Soul Camp Team xxx

We welcome large group camping and glamping, in fact we focus on groups of 20 to several hundred.  If you’re celebrating a birthday, or wanting a hen or stag do in a chilled out space, you’ve found it!  


We aim to make your stay as relaxed as possible, we’re chilled out and respectful people and we’re passionate about what we do.  We operate on the basis of respect... 


Respect for the land, the wildlife that inhabits it, and our fellow guests. We consider that anyone staying has been invited, and is truly a guest.


We welcome all like-minded people who will also respect The Soul Camp.  In plain speak; with no disrespect intended, we’re not the place for drunken shouting weekends of mayhem or, for rowdy un-chaperoned kids.


On the other hand, if you’re looking for somewhere lovely to enjoy the great outdoors, a barbeque, a nice bottle of wine and chill-out at night, maybe make some new friends around the Fire Pit, then yeah, you’ve found the right place.


We're cool with hen, stag do camping, birthday parties and reunions so get in touch!


We do have some House Rules, please be sure you and all of your guests read and agree with them ;)

Our campsites are operated ethically and environmentally responsibly, with reclaimed wooden picnic tables and benches, compost loos, a water point and a big Fire Pit! 


We have a sliding scale for our fees, depending on the size of your group. This is because our optimum size is 30 people, which offers the best rate as smaller groups still require a good proportion of overheads and time, and larger groups create more wear and tear, so we have adjusted the rates accordingly. We have a minimum group size of 10; however you are welcome with a smaller group as long, as you pay for 10 people. All rates are subject to a 2 night minimum, 3 on bank holidays.


At some sites, we can also offer private areas of the site for hire, and if you’d like to play music, at The Soul House site, we can sometimes hire out the ballroom to enjoy.


For groups of over 40, or for exclusive hire of the entire site for a large gathering, please let us know more, we’re sure we’ll be able to help!  

a cartoon ladybird

Accommodation Options and Rates... 


Bell Tent Accommodation: This year we are upgrading to 5m Luxury Bell Tents, each can sleep 5 people on our new luxury camp beds.  


As standard, the camp beds are fitted out with a lining blanket, a medium tog sleeping bag and pillow.  The Bell Tents include reclaimed wooden low tables, an incense burner with incense, carpet flooring, lanterns, a water container, a solar shower bag and a cool box.  


Tipi accommodation: We provide beautiful locally-crafted Tipis as accommodation. They are fitted with an inner lining, groundsheet, coconut floor matt, and rugs and lanterns. The tipis sleep up to 10 people and offer a very different camping experience!


Yurt accommodation: Additionally we offer lovely locally-crafted Yurts in range of sizes, with the most popular being the 14 foot Yurt that sleeps 5-6 adults. These elegant structures have a very warm and welcoming feel and offer fantastic protection from inclement weather.


To make an enquiry, please go here...


We do have some House Rules, please be sure you and all of your guests read and agree with them ;)



inside of a bell tent
a tipi tent on grass
  • Glamping bell tents:  £144 per day (two day minimum)

  • 21' Tipi for a weekend hire:  £490 (prices vary)

  • 14' Yurt for a weekend hire:  £950 (prices vary)

  • Local B&B prices range from £70 to £130.


Please note: Due to seasonal demand, all accommodation is subject to availability and prices may change.

Lovely private campsites for company glamping, festival weddings and group glamping

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