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Let us take you down: To Strawberry Fields...

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Well now! Everyone is desperate to get out and sit around a firepit with mates, share a bottle or three and chill and chat till dawn. That’s how The Soul Camp came to be, so, we love groups - respectful chilled out groups that is - and you’d be most welcome to come and chill with us.

I’m Pete, the owner of The Soul Camp, and founder of the underground, ethical, 20 year old club night; Planet Angel, so I know the score! All of us at The Soul Camp are chilled out festi-heads, but we are also 100% professional, and deeply committed to the respect of Nature and of course, our neighbours.

In view of a huge surge in group enquiries we’ve opened some lovely new private area camps in our Strawberry Fields Campsite... As they are new we don't yet have photos but this is what you can expect.

We are only exclusively hiring each camp so your group will be the only group on that camp. It's just for you and your mates! Yay!

Expect a big central bowl as in the image below and a big white central 8 metre by 4 meter marquee to shelter from sun (or rain!), as in the images. You are free to go mad and decorate the marquee any way you like, just don't damage it please! There are festi vibe flags and streamers with fairy lights around them and rustic picnic furniture. You can move the furniture into the marquee if you wish. There's a big fat barbecue for you all and drinking water. There are two portaloos that are cleaned and disinfected before every booking, and even, as below, an Eco Shower Shed with warm water, (it's called that because it's a shower - in a shed, imaginative eh!). Please only bring bio-degradable washing products. We can also provide glamping if you like, or you can bring your own tents.

A collage of the new Strawberry Field Camps with examples of what each camp will feature.
Expect something very much like this!

But this is what you really want to know right...

Yes well, we expected you to ask that, and yes, you can play music! But... Here's the thing, we want to be absolutely crystal clear at the outset. Everyone, including the councils, know it's going to be a huge year for camping and people living near campsites are understandably a bit nervous.

The Soul Camp has been running for over a decade with an excellent reputation, and as an ethical business, we insist that all of our guests respect Nature, and our neighbours. If anyone breaks those rules, we will ask your entire group to leave immediately, whatever time it is. No ifs or buts. Disrespecting Nature is unacceptable to us, and we won't risk upsetting our neighbours or losing our licence. And, please be aware that the council has the authority to close your event on the spot if someone complains about the noise.

Ok so now we’ve got that across! Yeah cool, play music on one of those battery sound boxes at sensible levels (that can't be heard outside of your private area) and you can enjoy music till dawn. Yay! But again please chill the music after 10:30pm so that everyone is not screaming ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ at 3am!

Our Wardens have the final say on music levels, - the simple rule is - it must not be audible outside your private camp. But don’t worry our Wardens are us lot, not some burly hired security dude in black, so you can relax! We also require a ‘’Responsible Person’ for each 20 of your guests. The RP is someone we can call 24/7 that agrees to be reasonably compos mentis in case of an issue with your guests, or maybe to move a car or whatever.

And there you go, your very own chilled private camp all set up with a fire pit n’ everything set in beautiful countryside just about an hour south of London. Each camp can take up to around 70 guests (depending on the size of your tents) but if you are a group of a few hundred, we have other campsites that are more suitable. We accept groups of 20 as a minimum (you don't have to have 20 guests but that's the minimum fee).

So, get in touch and if you're uber excited and want to nail it now, feel free to call Donna on 0203 488 6562!

Then, let us take you down to Strawberry Fields to play in the sun, where nothing is real, and there’s nothing to get hung about...

BiG LOve Pete and The Soul Camp Team :) XXX

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