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Wellbeing In Nature Activities & CSR...

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

With Corporate Social Responsibility being, rightly, majorly important to companies, we’ve expanded our Wellbeing Activities range. Our ‘traditional’ Wellbeing Activities like Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation or bushcraft workshops are a great option, but doing something physically positive for the environment outdoors, is a superb way to do good, and help your guests as well.

There are plenty of studies showing that being ‘outdoors’ is beneficial to our wellbeing, especially being in woodland. With our Wellbeing Activities, participants get to enjoy beautiful country surroundings, with fresh air, and a real feeling of doing some good for Nature. Because they are! And of course, it's a measurable CSR contribution.

Last season we worked with Penna, one of our lovely regular clients to expand our Wellbeing Activity offerings, at our Strawberry Fields Campsite, you can see Penna's excellent video here.

Under the concept of "Giving Back" at the conference, the 150 guests were split up into groups with the option to do one of many activities from planting native Ash trees to cover the carbon footprint of the conference, to building Insect Hotels, helping local charities and more. All of the materials were sustainably floraged by the teams under expert supervision of Sarah, one of our expert Naturalist tutors.

These activities are immense fun and we can tailor them to suit your Required Outcomes for your event, from spotting leadership skills, team building, rewarding, just having fun, or 'giving something back'.

On a personal note, Insect Hotels are great at home as well, in a garden, or window sill, kids love them as well! We have plenty of other simple things that can really help wildlife, feel free to contact us for more ideas :)

Thank you so much for all you did to help make our conference a huge success... general consensus is that it was the best one yet! ...The afternoon ‘giving back’ was a great hit!” Sharon, Penna 2019
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