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Last Minute Conference Dot Com? We can deal with that!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Ok so... We all know the situation, but then, we don't really. Corporate Event Organisers have a hard enough time time organising events, let alone now with C19, so we’re doing what we can to help.

As well as our new ultra flexible booking conditions announcement, (that even let's you roll over your deposit to next year!), we are letting you know that we are experts at arranging corporate glamping and outdoor events at the last minute!

And again, a huge thank you for working with us at last min on a v short deadline but totally making our time magical and enjoyable – can’t thank you enough...
Ros Garrett | TWELVE

We’ve several lovely campsites to choose from within easy access from London, (and now we're totally mobile!) and we can work with you, free of charge, to plan an amazing event at extremely short notice.

When things calm down, and once again people can - and will need - to meet, we truly believe doing so in fresh country air with a professional but cool festival vibe, is the best way.

A team of happy guests, building a shelter out of natural things/
Wellbeing In Nature, it's such happy fun!

People really connect in that environment, and we have our unique and hugely successful 'Wellbeing In Nature' activities as options to help guests relax and deal with stress.

So there’s something that will hopefully help relieve some of the stress of organising your outdoor event. We also host one day events so please feel free to get in touch about that.

Although we can work to extremely short deadlines - just a few weeks - advance notice of a planned event really helps.

We can be flexible in terms of your commitment to booking, but we could work together now, to start planning and see what the situation is in a couple of months time. So please, drop us a line or call to chat things through :)

We hope the above helps, we’re here almost anytime to help you plan your outdoor events, it’s what we do!

BiG LOve, as we like to say :) the final hour we were let down by the land owner so we called upon our Soul Camp family to bail us out and they did just that!... We would highly recommend them for an unforgettable event as they are elite professionals..
Sharon Kerry | Penna

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