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The Soul Camp: Now In A Field Near You!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Yep! we’re extremely excited to announce that in addition to our gorgeous ‘base campsites’ in South East England, we are now able to take The Soul Camp to a field near you! And also abroad at sister sites in France and Ibiza.

Over the years more and more clients have asked for us to help with with an exciting festival edged conference in other parts of the country. So, we’ve packed it all into a box, (well a big truck!) complete with our many years of experience and of course, our lovely Crew.

So now, your company can have The Soul Camp Experience in your region. We’ll do it all (if you want us to!).

Organising outdoor events like this is a complex and time consuming exercise. We know that most PAs and EAs are already maxed out and we’re specialists so, let us do the stressful donkey work for you.

This is what we do:

  • Find a suitable piece of land with assessments for parking, contractors and H&S access, reliability of the owner, ground stability, flood risk assessment and of the impact on the land, and wildlife.

  • Arrange for electricity and potable water supplies.

  • Arrange luxury shower and toilet units with reliable suppliers.

  • Provide lovely glamping accommodation.

  • Create a cool ‘glamping village’ style layout with a central fire pit and flags and streamers.

  • Provide main meeting spaces and breakouts to your requirements.

  • Install full A/V equipment where required.

  • Provide entertainment if required including fire performers and music and dancing.

  • Arrange for a bar and tasty street food and BBQs and teas and coffees for the meeting space.

  • Provide a Warden and Crew to be on-site throughout

  • Provide exciting team building activities tailored to your Required Outcomes. From wine tasting to bushcraft and our unique Wellbeing and CSR boosting Nature activities.

We do all this working to your budget, and not a penny over! We can also offer a consultancy service if you prefer.

Because we’ve been doing this for so long, we know the pitfalls and ways to do things that mean your event is a fab success – and not a stress!

“a fantastic conference... people will talk about it for a long time... an absolute pleasure to work with".

Keith | Director | Penna plc

Sound interesting? Get in touch now!

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