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Corporate Glamping? How Not To...

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

What's The point?

So your boss asks you to look into suitable sites for a glamping based offsite, a kind of mini festival for your company...

Great idea! There’s no doubt that these types of event ‘really help’ connect people and in a corporate environment, the effects can be profound. Read this true story about the incredibly positive effect for a well known multinational who stayed with The Soul Camp...

Outdoor corporate events are becoming much more popular as companies become comfortable with the festival concept and start to see the benefits of socially oriented outdoor events. But, they are a *completely* different kettle of fish compared to typical indoor events. We can’t stress the difference enough, but get it right, and wow, you can achieve amazing things!

OK but where do you start? Google some combination of appropriate words and see what comes up is the most common way our clients tell us. Then follow up a few results - but you’re busy, this is probably extra work for you, and you don’t have time to waste.

In our opinion, this is probably your biggest challenge. Unless you find a partner organisation (that’s how we at The Soul Camp look at the relationship), that really knows what they’re doing with outdoor corporate events, things can be extremely stressful. And the event, well, humm, can be... ‘not so good’. And who wants to be responsible for that!

So many things can affect the outcome of your event and the whole point, the biggest question, the one that any organisation that purports to be able to accommodate you should ask is; “what is the desired outcome of your gathering, what are you trying to achieve?

We think knowing that information is the only way to be able to help create your event. Over the last 8 years, we’ve had clients who want to say “thank you” to achieving employees, celebrate the release of a successful OS, make a presentation about products or changes in the corporation, get people to connect more in the office, spot potential management material via outdoor activities... The list goes on!

The Soul Camp has a select few, stunning, and unique sites, each has it's own level of suitability for your event. But most importantly, we have a wealth of experience and specialise in how to achieve your aims and how to create a spectacular and fun outdoor event that your guests will talk about for a long, long, time. Which after all, is the whole point.

You don't have to book with us, but we’d suggest you have chat with us, not just because of our specialist experience; but also because we’ve got very strong and trusted relationships with other organisations and might be able to point you in the right direction if our sites don’t fit the bill.

We're much more interested in you having an amazing event and being a positive influence for people than earning a bit more money.

It’s a karma thing. That’s the open way we like to do things :)

BiG lOve, The Soul Camp team :)

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