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Corporate Glamping Conference Cheat Sheet

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Impress your CEO with our specially created cheat sheet based on our 10+ years experience of Corporate Glamping events. If you’re liking the idea for a conference to be remembered, these essential Q&As will set you off on the right foot!

"Thank you so much for all you did to help make our conference a huge success... the best one yet!" (Sharon: Penna plc)

Q: What is a Corporate Glamping Conference?

A: It’s conference, or product launch, or any kind of off-site where you stay overnight in glamping accommodation in the country. Typically clients have a meeting or presentation on day one, a fun BBQ and drinks in the evening with a big fire, then off to bed! We always create a cool festival vibe and can arrange music and entertainment. They are great fun and really get the company message across - as this article explains.

Q: How many people can be accommodated?

A: There's no real limit, 10 people to 1,000 it’s no problem.

Q: What kind of glamping accommodation is normal?

A: Most companies opt for 5 guests sharing one Bell Tent. We typically use raised luxury single camp beds (so no sharing beds or inflatables to deflate!) and we can we provide single or twin occupancy glamping as well. We can do almost anything, including Tipis, Yurts, funky Domes and many more styles of glamping accommodation, basically it boils down to budget.

Q: What sort of toilets and showers are they?

A: We use nice clean luxury flushing toilets and hot shower units. The showers are individual cubicles with a dry dressing area and a hot shower behind a shower curtain. The flushing toilets have lighting and mirrors and a central sink.

Q: Can I dry my hair somewhere?

A: Yes, again its down to budget, but we can provide ‘pamper tents’ for girls and boys. So for example the girls tent could have lit mirrors, hair dryers and straighteners (or whatever you’d like!) and the boys similar but with razor points and hair dryers.

Q: We need to have a presentation, where would that be?

A: We put up a marquee with chairs facing a stage and A/V kit at one end, with teas, coffees and biscuits at the other end. We can also provide breakout spaces and they can also have A/V kit if required.

Q: What about food?

A: We work with excellent caterers to provide a range of food from formal sit down meals to tasty and fun street food and barbecues. Naturally all tastes can be catered for, like Vegan and allergens etc.

Q: We have some Required Outcomes for our event, how can you help?

A: We always ask what our client’s ROs are and craft the event around them. We have developed our own unique ‘Wildlife and CSR’ friendly wellbeing and eco activities. These include building ‘Insect Hotels’, planting trees and yoga to mention a few. We also have axe throwing and water sports (subject to which campsite) and survival activities and much more. We just need to understand your ROs to propose the perfect match.

Q: What about down time and fun in the evening?

A: What would you like?! We always a have a huge central firepit with rustic benches around it and with local sustainable firewood. We put flags and streamers around the central area to give a cool festival vibe, it really is a place to connect with colleagues in a way that is only possible around a big fire. We can arrange music and dancing – sometimes with a silent disco, or a band, you name it. Or just toast some marshmallows and connect!

Q: It’s the UK… What about the weather!?

A: Indeed! We’ve been doing this a long time and can minimise the effect of bad weather quite a lot with the experienced planning skills we’ve honed. But of course, there is no way anyone can mitigate against extreme weather. But in over a decade, we’ve not cancelled one single event, and always provide ample covered space to shelter from inclement weather, or the sun!

Q: Some work colleagues can’t glamp for various personal reasons, what happens?

A: As part of our event management service, we always provide you with suggestions for local accommodation for people who can’t glamp.

Q: Can we bring our own drinks?

A: Yep, that’s fine with us, we do suggest that we provide Crew to run your bar to keep it clean and avoid wastage. It’s a great way to keep costs down!

Q: How much does it cost?!

A: Well! Yes! We create bespoke events to match our client’s budget. Some clients have a budget of around £150 p/p and others, £2,000+ p/p. It really depends on what you’d like. It’s also about guest numbers, a lower p/p budget goes further if there are several hundred guests. We’re also experts at working to a fixed overall budget. It’s not like a hotel, as everything is built just, specifically, for your event. But then, as our clients testify, it’s a much more memorable and effective conference than in a hotel!

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